Judeo-Persian Literature

Iran Name 1,2Iran Nameh, New Series, Volume 1, Number 2 (Summer 2016)

The second issue of Iran Nameh, New Series, Volume 1, Number 2 (Summer 2016), a memorial volume in honour of Professor Amnon Netzer (1934-2008), the Iranian-Jewish historian and researcher of Iranian Jewry and Judeo-Persian Literature is published. The volume comprises bilingual Persian and English contributions on different aspects of Judeo-Persian Literature and Iranian Jewry.

Table of Contents

Nahid Pirnazar: “Judeo-Persian Literature and Professor Amnon Netzer” (in Persian)

Nahid Pirnazar: “An Introduction to the Jewish Heritage of Iran” (in Persian)

Orit Carmeli: “Illuminated Judeo-Persian Manuscripts

Shaul Shaked: “Jews in Khorasan before the Mongol invasion

Nahid Pirnazar: “Iranian History in Bābāī Ibn Lutf ’s Kitāb-i Anusī” (in Persian)

Nahid Pirnazar: “Some sample of Judeo-Persian Literature

Maria Macuch: “‘This is the Law of the Persians’ – An Allusion to the Sasanian Law of Surety in the Babylonian Talmud”

Heidar Eyvazi, Ahmad Moghri and Mohsen Golpayegani: “The Judeo-Persian Composition of Henry Martyn’s Persian Bible” (in Persian)

Ayob Ebrahimi: “An Introduction to Latorayi: A Judeo-Persian Dialect” (in Persian)

Nahid Ghani: “An Introduction to the Book of Commandments: Sefer ha Mitzvot” (in Persian)

David Yeroushalmi: “The Intellectual and Devotional Milieu of Iranian Jewish Poets” (in Persian)

Tamar Gindin: “Linguistic Perspectives on Judeo-Persian” (in Persian)

Abbas Zarei Mehrvarz: “A Historical Appraisal of Women’s Role the Movement of Babak” (in Persian)