New issue of Anabasis

Anabasis Anabasis. Studia Classica et Orientalia vol. 6 (2015).

The sixth issue of ANABASIS: Studia Classica et Orientalia is published by department of Ancient History and Oriental Studies, Institute of History at Rzeszów University.

Table of contents

  • Edward Lipiński: “Jewish Wife Repudiates Her Husband”
  • Jason M. Silverman: “Judaeans under Persian Forced Labor and Migration Policies”
  • Michał Marciak: “From Edom to Idumea: Analysis of Selected Passages from the Hexateuch”
  • Alexander A. Sinitsyn: “Brasidas in the Megarian Operation of 424 BC in the Accounts of Thucydides and Diodorus Siculus”
  • Michał Podrazik: “Cyrus the Younger, Greek Envoys, and the so-called Treaty of Boiotios (409 – 408 BC)”
  • Aleksei N. Gorin: “A New Seleukid Mint: Samarkand – Marakanda”
  • Silvia Palazzo: “I passi di Mitridate Eupatore per la conquista dell’Europa. Eserciti e strategie nella prima guerra mitridatica”
  • Jason M. Schlude: “The Early Parthian Policy of Augustus”
  • Martin Schottky: “Vorarbeiten zu einer königsliste Kaukasisch-Iberiens. 4. Von den Arsakiden zu den Sasaniden”
  • Valentina Mordvintseva: “Decorated Swords as Emblems of Power on the Steppes of the Northern Black Sea Region (3 rd c. BC – mid – 3 rd c. AD”
  • Marta Żuchowska: “Roman Textiles in the Hou Han Shu. A 5th Century Chinese Vision versus Roman Reality”
  • Michał Marciak: “Adiabene and Hatra: Some Remarks on Hatra’s Neighbor”
  • Marek J. Olbrycht: “Persia Beyond the Imperial Frontiers: the Nomads of the South Ural Region versus the Near East
  • Alexander A. Sinitsyn: “Ad LXV diem natalis Alexandri Podossinov Basilii f.”
  • Yuri Kuzmin: “Zum 70- jährigen von Prof. Dr. Andreas Mehl”
  • Erich Kettenhofen: “Michal Marciak, Izates, Helena, and Monobazos of Adiabene. A Study on Literary Traditions and History , Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz 2014.”