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Statistics for 2018

Just some quick numbers to wrap up 2018: We had a total of 41,504 views on our website, up by 8418 views compared to 2017. In 2018, 22,885 people visited Bibliographia Iranica from 142 countries, the USA leading with 11,363 visitors. We have 1,015 visitors from Japan but only 47 from Iran (perhaps the result of anonymisers?). Sajad Amiri, Shervin Farridnejad, Yazdan Safaee and Arash Zeini together published 172 entries, with “amazon” (20) beating 2017’s “friedrich carl andreas” (6) as the most searched term on the blog. “friedrich carl andreas” came second in 2018 with a total of 13 searches!

As always, the above numbers do not account for the views and shares on our Facebook or Twitter accounts. These are just the website statistics.

Furthermore, our posts were followed 3,573 times from Twitter and 3,427 times from Facebook

Thank you for your continued support and interest in Bibliographia Iranica. We wish you all a happy and healthy 2019.

Privacy policy

Messages about updated privacy policies have been flooding your mailboxes this month. We do not know whether we need such a message, but felt left out :) So, we decided to add a page with said content to our website. You find it here. Please do get in touch, if you have any questions about our privacy policy, though we do not guarantee that we will be able to answer your question.

Arash Zeini

Statistics for 2016

Bibliographia Iranica started in May 2015. Although I had received positive feedback about my bibliographic posts on my own blog, it was unclear how well a dedicated bibliographic website for Iranian Studies would be received. I am glad to say that the academic as well as the general reception of our collective effort here at Bibliographia Iranica has been very positive and encouraging. And we know that our user base continues to grow. And so, before the new year advances too far and becomes old news, we should review the statistics for the past year.

In 2016, we had 33,417 views on our website. This number does not account for the post views and shares on our Facebook or Twitter accounts. With 1,147 views, the announcement of the Summer school in the Turfanforschung was the most viewed post on the blog.  We had 17,576 visitors from 127 countries, the USA leading with 8211 visitors. Sajad Amiri, Shervin Farridnejad, Yazdan Safaee and Arash Zeini together published an impressive 165 announcements, “Avesta” being the most searched term on the blog.

The success of Bibliographia Iranica owes much to the fact that it is a collective effort, and we hope that our user base continues to grow. There will hopefully be new developments in 2017 which I will announce in due course.

I (Arash) am not on Facebook, but you can get in touch with me through my own website.

Closure of ‘small Humanities programmes’!

Stop the Cuts
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At BiblioIranica, we usually do not  comment on issues beyond our academic interests in ancient Iran.  However, it would be wrong, if we did not express our disappointment after hearing the news of the closure of ‘small Humanities programmes’ at the University of Copenhagen. As the University Post reports, the “Faculty of Humanities at the University of Copenhagen will shut down five smaller study programmes permanently”. A full list of the threatened programmes, and the university’s plans are published here.

Oriental Studies have a long tradition in Denmark, and Danish scholars have made and continue to make significant contributions to Oriental and Iranian Studies. It is very distressing to read that some of the ‘small’ programmes will be closed, among which are Indology and Tibetology.

See the following links for the history of Iranian Studies in Denmark:

A new beginning!

I am delighted to announce that Bibliographia Iranica will soon resume its activities.  We are now proudly sponsored by Bytemark, which means that we will also be able to tweak our server for further experiments. I am personally very excited about this and would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Bytemark for their support and generosity.

I would also like to thank my friends Sajad, Shervin and Yazdan for their patience, ideas and support. One cannot wish for better collaborators and friends.

As the renewal of Bibliographia Iranica coincides with the Iranian new year, we would also like to wish all our readers and those who celebrate Norouz a healthy and happy new year.

دوستان و همراهان گرامی، بیبلیوگرفیا ایرانیکا کار خود را به زودی از سر خواهد گرفت. خوشحالیم که این فعالیت دوباره با آغاز بهار و نوروز مصادف شده و فرا رسیدن این روز نو را به همه دوستان و همراهان خود صمیمانه شادباش میگوییم.
از دوستان و همکاران خوبم سجاد، شروین و یزدان برای صبر و کمکشون سپاسگزارم. امیدوارم که بتونم مهر و دوستی این عزیزان و خوانندگان گرامی بیبلیو ایرانیکا رو روزی جبران کنم. این همه دوستی مایه افتخار و دلگرمیست.

Arash Zeini

The End

BiblioIranica ends here. It may be back sometime soon in a new format, but that is not guaranteed. I apologise in advance, if the website goes off-line. I am grateful to my friends Shervin, Yazdan and Sajad for their help and contributions. Thank you very much to everyone else for your support and interest.

Happy Holidays

We wish all our readers happy holidays and a blessed festive season!

May you be happy, no matter what, where and how you celebrate!

Call for contributions

For_BiblioIranicaWe would like to invite publishers, colleagues and our readers to send us information about upcoming publications that are relevant to Bibliographia Iranica’s field of interest. Please use the ‘Contact‘ page to send us the bibliographic information. Your submission will be reviewed by our team and published in due course.

Contributed bibliographic posts will be marked as such with the name of the contributor.

Please share this call widely on social media.