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DABIR – Vol. 1, Issue 2

The latest issue of DABIR has been published and is available here: Issue 02 – Dabir Journal.

The Digital Archive of Brief notes & Iran Review (DABIR) is an open access, peer-reviewed online journal published by the Dr. Samuel M. Jordan Center for Persian Studies and Culture at the University of California, Irvine.

Table of Contents

I Articles

  1. Victorious: The “Arrogance” of Šāhānšah Xusrō Parvīz
    Keenan Baca-Winters
  2. Whipping the Sea and the Earth: Xerxes at the Hellespont and Yima at the Vara
    Touraj Daryaee
  3. Dancing in Middle & Classical Persian
    Touraj Daryaee & Nina Mazhjoo
  4. The Niyāyišn and the bagas (Brief comments on the so-called Xorde Avesta, 2)
    Götz König
  5.  Jamshīdī Nō-Rūz : Facts v/s Myth
    Dastur Firoze M. Kotwal
  6. An orgy of Oriental dissipation? Some thoughts on the ‘Camel lekythos’
    Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones
  7. The Turkish Iranian emigration as perceived by the Maathir al-Umara (1544-1629)
    Marc Morato
  8. Survey of Šāhnāme sources. 1. The so-called *Paykār and *Sagēsarān
    Mohsen Zakeri

II Reviews

  1. Asatrian, Garnik S. & Viktoria Arakelova. 2014. The religion of the Peacock Angel: the Yezidis and their spirit world.
    Vahé S. Boyajian
  2. Shahbazi, A. Shapur, Tārīḫ-e sāsānīān. Tarjome-ye baḫš-e sāsānīān az ketāb-e tārīḫ-e Ṭabarī va moqāyese-ye ān bā tārīḫ-e Bal’amī [Sasanian History. Translation of the Sasanian Section from the History of Ṭabari and its Commparission with the History of Bal’ami], Tehran, Iran University Press, 1389š/2010.
    Touraj Daryaee
  3. Timuş, Mihaela. 2015. Cosmogonie et eschatologie: articulations conceptuelles du système religieux zoroastrien. (Cahiers de Studia Iranica 54). Paris: Peeters Press.
    Shervin Farridnejad
  4. Briant, Pierre. 2015. Darius in the shadow of Alexander. (Trans.) Jane Marie Todd. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press.
    Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones
  5. Bridges, Emma. 2014. Imagining Xerxes: ancient perspectives on a Persian king. (Bloomsbury Studies in Classical Reception). New York: Bloomsbury Academic.
    Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones

III Obituary

  1. Malek Iradj MOCHIRI (1927–2015)
    Ehsan Shavarebi