The Sanskrit Yasna

Goldman, Leon. 2017. The Sanskrit Yasna Manuscript S1. Facsimile Edition (Corpus Avesticum / Handbook of Oriental Studies. Section 2 South Asia, 32/1). Leiden: Brill.
The manuscript S1 is one of the chief witnesses to the Sanskrit Yasna, containing the Avestan text of the Zoroastrian Yasna liturgy to chapter 46.19, together with a Sanskrit translation and commentary. This book contains the complete, full-colour set of facsimile images of S1.
An introduction by Leon Goldman provides an overview of the Zoroastrian Sanskrit tradition together with a discussion of the S1 manuscript covering its physical appearance, its age and history, and for the first time, a detailed palaeographic analysis of the Avestan and Sanskrit text.

Table of contents

  • Acknowledgements
  • Abbreviations
  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 The Parsi Sanskrit Tradition
  • 3 Physical Description
  • 4 Age and History
  • 5 Palaeography
    5.1 Avestan Palaeography
    5.2 Sanskrit Palaeography
  • 6 Pahlavi Text
  • 7 Range of Extant Text
  • 8 Note to the Facsimile Images
  • 9 Facsimile Images
  • References