The Dragon, the Mountain, and the Nations

Miller II, Robert D. 2018. The dragon, the mountain, and the nations: An Old Testament myth, its origins, and its afterlives. Eisenbrauns.

The Dragon, the Mountain, and the Nations investigates the origins, manifestations, and meanings of a myth that plays a major role in the Hebrew Bible and a substantial role in the New Testament: the dragon-slaying myth.

Robert D. Miller II is Associate Professor of Old Testament at The Catholic University of America and Research Associate, University of Pretoria, South Africa.



Part I: East of Ginger Trees

  1. India
  2. Proto-Indo-Europeans
  3. A Global Myth?
  4. Iran

Part II: The Matter of the North

  1. Hittites
  2. Hurrian Influence
  3. From the Libraries of Ugarit
  4. Myths of Mesopotamia

Part III: Canaanite Epic and Hebrew Myth

  1. The Old Testament: Overview
  2. The Psalms
  3. Genesis
  4. The Rest of the Old Testament
  5. Greek Traditions
  6. Daniel
  7. Second Temple Jewish Texts

Part IV: Naming the Dragon Slayer

  1. The New Testament