Susa and Elam

International conference: Susa and Elam: History, Language, Religion and Culture

6-9 July 2015, Université catholique de Louvain


Monday 6 July

 Opening lecture: Elizabeth Carter: Reassessing the Elamite contribution to the Luristan Bronzes

Session 1: Interregional and International Contacts

  • Enrico Ascalone: Intercultural Relations among Elam, Jiroft and the Oxus Civilization
  • Kamran Zand: Mesopotamia and the East – The perspective from the earliest literary texts
  • Luca Peyronel: Scales and Balance weights from Susa and Ur: Metrological Interaction spheres between lowlands and highlands during Middle Bronze Age
  • Elynn Gorris: TBA

Session 2: Elamite Archaeology and Iconography

  • Alexandre Tourovets: The Elamite Architecture. A model for the development of the architectural forms during the pre-Achaemeniud and Achaemenid periods ?
  • Steve Renette: A New Chronology of the Godin III Ceramic Tradition and Its Implications for the Early Development of the Elamite world
  • Nabil Ibnoerrida: Elam and Persia: between the environment and land use, comparable models?

Tuesday 7 July

  • Holly Pittmann: The Highland Origins of the Royal Iconography of the Old Elamite Dynasties of Shimaski and early Sukkalmah
  • Simin Piran: Contents of the Seal Impression: On the only found Proto-Elamite Tablet from Shahr-i Sokhteh
  • Sharareh Farokhnia: The trade route of lapis lazuli in eastern parts of Iran during the third millennium BC
  • Babak Rafiei-Alavi: From Haft Tappeh to Chogha Zanbil: Comparison of the Metal Artifacts Assemblages in two Middle Elamite CitiesSession 3: Suso-Elamite Religion 
  • Giacomo Luigi Morando: The sacred landscape in Elam between the first and second millennium BC
  • Davide Salaris: The Elymaean Temple of Bard-e Neshandeh
  • Yasmina Wicks: Female, Fish and Frying Pan: An Enigmatic Funerary Object Unique to ElamSession 4: Textual Sources and Language in Susa and Elam 
  • Gerfrid W.G. Müller: A systematic Survey of the Elamite Lexicon — an attempt
  • Michael Mäder: Eine elamische Morphemanalyse: Humbannumenas Inschrift EKI 4

    Wednesday 8 July

    Session 4: Textual Sources and Language in Susa and Elam


  • Gian Pietro Basello: Missing Evidence? The Case of Elamite Cuneiform Culture
  • Katrien De Graef: East of Eden. The Ups and Downs of a Wealthy Susian Family during the Sukkalmah Period
  • Wouter Henkelman: The Susa charter reconsidered: scribal workshops and literary traditions in Darius’ palace
  • Jan Tavernier: TBASession 5: Suso-Elamite History and Culture 
  • Kazuya Maekawa: Agricultural Production of the Ur III Girsu Institution at Susa
  • Dariush Borbor: The Confederative Administration of Elam
  • Mina Dabbagh: Les femmes dans la documentation de Haft-Tépé

    Thursday 9 July

    Session 5: Suso-Elamite History and Culture


  • Javier Alvarez-Mon: The Bow of Elam: the Mainstay of their Might
  • Margaux Bousquet: Cultic Musicians in SusaSession 6: The Suso-Elamite Landscape 
  • Rindert Janssens: Identification of the sedimentary palaeo-environments in order to reconstruct the geographic history of Lower Khuzestan, SW-Iran
  • Ali Zalaghi: New Evidence of Elamite Settlement Patterns in the Western bank of the Karkheh River in Lowland Susiana, Southwestern IranSession 6: The Suso-Elamite Landscape 
  • Evan Carlson: Refocusing Regional Interaction under the Kings of Anshan and Susa: A Study of City and Canal Construction in the Late 2nd Millennium BC
  • Kiumars Alizādeh: Neo-Elamite Eastern Territories and Pastoralist People: The case of Persian tribes
  • Leila Makvandi: Elamite realm in Achaemenid Persia: the case of textual and archaeological problems of toponyms in Elamite texts of the Persepolis archive
  • Sébastien Gondet: Cities around the Achaemenid palaces: cross-perspectives between Persia (Pasargadae, Persepolis) and Elam (Susa)