Studies in Persian Language and Literature in Honour of Paola Orsatti

Maggi, Mauro, and Mohsen Ashtiany, eds. A turquoise coronet: Studies in Persian language and literature in honour of Paola Orsatti. Wiesbaden: Reichert, 2021.

Paola Orsatti is currently professor at La Sapienza University in Rome. In the course of a long and distinguished academic career combined with an impressive record of dedicated teaching, she has made significant contributions to the study of classical Persian poetry, its connections with pre-Islamic traditions, the history of the Persian language, and Islamic manuscripts. Along with a profile of the dedicatee and a comprehensive bibliography of her publications up to 2019, the volume contains eighteen papers by her colleagues, friends, and former students to celebrate her 65th birthday. The papers mirror her diverse research interests. They deal with a variety of themes relating to Persian literature from Middle Persian texts to twentieth-century poetry—approached philologically, historically, and critically—as well as to the history of Middle and New Persian and the dialects of Iran, and include significant Persian literary texts translated and edited for the first time in this volume.

Table of Contents

  • Gerardo Barbera: “A text and grammatical sketch”
  • Anna Livia Beelaert: “Additional poems in manuscript C 1424 of Khāqānī Širwānī’s Dīwān at the Academy of Sciences in Saint Petersburg”
  • Carlo G. Cereti: “Remarks on The cities of Ērānšahr and its date in the light of the Xwadāy-nāmag and Sasanian primary sources”
  • Claudia A. Ciancaglini: “Middle Persian bāzūg and bāzā(y)
  • Mohammad Hasandust: “Remarks on Persian tornā and Iẕe
  • Ramin Hassanzadeh-Nodehi and Mauro Maggi: “Origin and diffusion of manāt in Persian and other
  • Iranian languages”
  • Đenita Haverić: “The impact of Persian classics on the Bosniak literary heritage in Persian, Turkish and Arabic”
  • Judith Josephson: “Narrative in Late Middle Persian”
  • Djalal Khaleghi-Motlagh: “Meaning and form of some words in the Šāhnāma
  • Agnès Lenepveu-Hotz: “The development of complex predicates in New Persian between the tenth and the sixteenth century”
  • Daniela Meneghini: “Courtliness and kindness of the friend in Neẓāmi’s poem Xosrow o Širin
  • Kinga Paraskiewicz: “On Turkish loanwords of Persian origin in the Polish Language”
  • Bo Utas: “The uncovering of the veiled beauty: an Iranian and a European reading”
  • Olga M. Yastrebova: “A manuscript with the seals of Shāhrukh and Bayezid II at the Vatican Apostolic Library”
  • Neguin Yavari: “Fakhr al-Dīn Ṣafī ʿAlī Kāshifī’s prologue”
  • Saeed Yousef: “Akhavān: from Tus until just short of Yush”
  • Riccardo Zipoli: “Sixty-five hemistichs from the ghazals of Mirz. ʿAbdolqāder Bidel”