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Sasanian Studies: Late Antique Iranian World

Farridnejad, Shervin & Touraj Daryaee (eds.). 2022. Sasanian studies: Late antique Iranian world | Sasanidische Studien: Spätantike iranische Welt. Vol. 1. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag.

The first issue of the Sasanian Studies: Late Antique Iranian World is now published. The Sasanian Studies is a refereed journal that publishes papers on any aspect of the Sasanian Empire and ist neighboring late antiquity civilizations. The journal welcomes essays on archaeology, art history, epigraphy, history, numismatics, religion and any other disciplines which focuses on the Sasanian world. This annual publication focuses especially on recent discoveries in the field, historiographical studies, as well as editions and translations of texts and inscriptions. We aim to facilitate dialogue and contact among scholars of Sasanian Studies around the world.

Table of Contents (PDF):

  • Samra Azarnouche: “A Zoroastrian Cult Scene on Sasanian Stucco Reliefs at Bandiyān (Daregaz, Khorāsān-e Razavī)
  • Alberto Cantera & Jaime Martínez-Porro: “Sasanian Rituals and their Continuity in the Avestan Liturgical Manuscripts: The Double Ābzōhr of the Dō-Hōmāst
  • Touraj Daryaee: “In Search of Lost Time: The Fratarakās and the Genealogy of Sasanian Ancestry”
  • Shervin Farridnejad: “Under the Banner of the Mane”. Pahlavi Letters and the Sasanian Art of Epistolography. (An Unpublished Pahlavi Papyrus Letter from Sasanian Egypt, P.Pehl. 569″
  • Mariachiara Gasparini: “’Sasanian Textiles’ and the Tang Cosmopolitan Style”
  • James Howard-Johnston: “The Coming of the Arabs to Iran”
  • Götz König: “Überlegungen zur Avesta-Transmission in der Sasanidenzeit”
  • Götz König: “Zur Bedeutung der Pahlavi-.bersetzung des Avesta für die Zoroastrismusforschung. Notizen zu Arash Zeinis Studie über das Pahlavi Yasna Haptaŋhāiti
  • Sara Kuehn: “‘Ganymede and the Eagle’: Representations of Spiritual Ascent in the Greater Iranian World from Late Antiquity to the Medieval Period”
  • Paolo Ognibene: “Beyond the Gate: Alans, Sasanians and the Caucasus”
  • Antonio Panaino: “Between Semantics and Pragmatics: Origins and Developments in the Meaning of dastgerd. A New Approach to the Problem”
  • Daniel T. Potts: “Antoine-Isaac Silvestre de Sacy and the Study of Tāq-e Bostān”
  • Nikolaus Schindel: “The Justinianic Plague and Sasanian Iran: The Numismatic Evidence”
  • Hossein Sheikh: “Aramaic Legal Terminology in the Sasanian Law-Book Mādayān ī Hazār Dādestān: Some Remarks on Late Antique Legal termini technici
  • Yuhan Sohrab-Dinshaw Vevaina: “The Hermeneutics of Political Violence in Sasanian Iran: The Death of Mani and the Seizure of Manichaean Property”
  • Dieter Weber: “Sasanian Festivals in the Documents from the ‘Pahlavi Archive'”