Sasanian Objects and the Tabarestan Archive

Gyselen, Rika (ed.). 2016. Words and symbols. Sasanian objects and the Tabarestan archive (Res Orientales 24). Leuven: Peeters Publishers.Table of Contents:

  • Carlo G. Cereti; Zohre Bassiri: “On a Few Sasanian Bullae from the Collections of the National Museum of Iran”
  • Rika Gyselen: “Sasanidische Siegelsteine de P. Horn et G. Steindorf revisité”
  • Ursula Weber: “The Inscription of Abnun and its Dating to the Early Days of Shabuhr I”

Tabarestan Archive (8th cent.)

  • Dieter Weber: “Court Records of Lawsuits in Tabarestan in the Year 86/7 PYE (737 CE): A Philological Examination”
  • Maria Macuch: “The Legal Context of the Tabarestan Court Records (Tab. 1-8, 10)”
  • Philippe Gignoux: “Une archive post-sassanide du Tabarestan (III)”
  • Dieter Weber: “Two Documents from Tabarestan Reconsidered (Tab. 12 and 26)”