Persia (552 BCE-758 CE). Primary Sources, Old and New

Gyselen, Rika (ed.). 2020. Persia (552 BCE-758 CE). Primary Sources, Old and New (Res Orientales 28). Bures-sur-Yvette: Groupe pour l’Étude de la Civilisation du Moyen-Orient (GECMO).

The articles in this volume present, comment on and interpret primary sources from different eras: Achaemenid, Sasanian and post-Sasanian. While most of these sources were discovered in the 21st century, a few were already known. Recent Iranian surveys and excavations have uncovered: (1) new Sasanian sites in the region of Sar Mashad in the Pars, (2) Sasanian administrative bullae on Tappe Barnakoon, west of Isfahan, (3) a clay sealing with the impression of a royal seal of Peroz in Taxt-e Soleiman. New data for Sasanian numismatics come from unpublished coins in the Johnson collection. Three documents from the “Tabarestan Archive”, published in recent years, have been re-read and interpreted in the context of Zoroastrian law. Also, sources known from much longer have been the subject of new “readings”. They highlight that the message these inscriptions and royal objects convey is strongly conditioned by the type of ‘public’ to which it is addressed.

Table of Contents

  • Parsa Ghasemi: “Ghandejān / Dašt-e Bārin: Proposal for its Location at Kalīkūheh on the Sar Mašhad Plain (Southwest of Fārs, Iran)”
  • Rika Gyselen: “Pārs (224-421) : Les ateliers monétaires
  • Alireza Khosrowzadeh, Aliashgar Norouzi, Rika Gyselen and Hossein Habibi: “Administrative Seal Impressions on Bullae discovered on Tappe Bardnakoon”
  • Yousef Moradi and Almut Hintze: “A New Sealing of Pērōz from Taḵt-e Solaymān and its Historical Context”
  • M. Rahim Shayegan: “Le Roi et son Interlocuteur. Remarques sur les stratégies discursives des inscriptions royales achéménides et sassanides”

The Tabarestān archive (VIIIth century A.D.)

  • Dieter WEBER: “Pahlavi Legal Documents from Tabarestān: The Documents Tab. 11, 28 and 27: A Philological Approach “
  • Maria Macuch: “Pahlavi Legal Documents from Tabarestān: Two Claims Involving ‘Substitute Succession’ and a Payment Commitment. The Juristic Context of Tab. 11, 28 and 27”