Parthian History

Die Parther - die vergessene GroßmachtEllerbrock, Uwe & Sylvia Winkelmann. 2015. Die Parther: Die vergessene Großmacht. 2 rev. ed. Darmstadt: Verlag Philipp von Zabern.
Uwe Ellerbrock and Sylvia Winkelmann convey in this book a comprehensive overview of the historical and cultural development of the Parthian EmpireVery detailed and comprehensive is the presentation of the entire culture of the Parthians, particularly the different aspects of the Parthian kingship as well as arts and religions of the empire which provides the reader an extensive understanding of life of the Parthians and their embedding within the ancient world.
About the Autors:
Uwe Ellerbrock is a specialist in anesthesia. For over 15 years he is a collector of Parthian coins and deals intensively with the history of the Parthian Empire.
Sylvia Winkelmann received her doctorate in Oriental Archeology at the University of Halle, specializing in Central Asia.