Pahlavi Epistolary Formulae

Chunakova, Olga Mikhailovna. 2015. Pahlavi Epistolary Formulae. Written Monuments of the Orient 1(1). 32–37.

The paper focuses on the Pahlavi text dealing with the correct way to write letters published in: JAMASP-ASANA (ed.) 1913, 132–140. The text contains a series of formulae to be used in letters to various persons. The reading and interpretation of the formulae were translated differently by previous scholars. The key to the understanding of these formulae is the opposition of two terms—xwadāy and bandag—meaning the addressee and the sender of a letter. The constructions with an attribute compound and its synonym, and a determinative compound and its synonym following these two terms refer to the addressee and the sender respectively.

The artcile is available to download here.

Olga Mikhailovna Chunakova is Head of the Section of Middle Eastern Studies at the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, Russian Academy of Sciences.