Dabir Journal – Issue 03

Issue 03 of Dabir (Digital Archive of Brief notes & Iran Review)

Issue 03 of Dabir, an open access on-line journal for Iranian Studies, is out now. Dabir is published by the Jordan Center for Persian Studies.

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I Articles

  1. From Yima’s Wara to Jamshid’s Throne: Persepolis and the Impact of the Avestan Lore
    Touraj Daryaee
  2. Elamo-Hittitica I: An Elamite Goddess in Hittite Court
    Kamyar Abdi
  3. Neo-Assyrian Diplomatic Marriage and Divination: A Case Study
    Parsa Daneshmand
  4. The hypothetical life of an Middle Iranian particle
    Adam Benkato
  5. Methodological and Historiographical Notes on the ‘Paradise’ as an Iranian Royal Institution
    Matthew P. Canepa
  6. Saansaan Pirosen: Ammianus Marcellinus and the Kidarites
    Khodadad Rezakhani
  7. Avestan ciθra
    Amir Ahmadi

II Reviews

  1. Stoneman, Richard. 2015. Xerxes: A Persian Life. New Haven: Yale University Press. 288 p., £25.00, ISBN 978-0-300-18007-7.
    Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones

III Review Article

  1. Jongeward, David, Joe Cribb & Peter Donovan. 2014. Kushan, Kushano-Sasanian, and Kidarite coins: a catalogue of coins from the American Numismatic Society. New York: The American Numismatic Society. 322 pp., $150, 978-0-89722-334-8.
    Khodadad Rezakhani

IV Special Issue

  1. An Overview of the History and Development of the Parsi Priesthood in India up to the 19th Century
    Firoze M. Kotwal