Iranian, Manichaean and Central Asian Studies in Memoriam Sundermann

Herausgegeben von einem Team „Turfanforschung“. 2017. Zur lichten Heimat. Studien zu Manichäismus, Iranistik und Zentralasienkunde im Gedenken an Werner Sundermann (Iranica 25). Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag.

Werner Sundermann’s central research subject was the Middle Iranian fragments from Turfan oasis in East Turkistan, today’s Uygur Autonomous Region of Xinjiang, China. He always placed his texts in a philological, linguistic, or religious-historical context. The findings of these studies have extended far beyond Iranian studies to include the history of Central Asia, Iranian and Indo-European studies and literary history as well as to Turkology and Buddhist studies.
The memorandum contains more than fifty contributions on Minichaean, Iranian and Central Asian Studies, as well as other neighboring fields. Among others, some new text fragments from the Turfan region, Dunhuang and Iran are for the first time edited and presented. Furthermore new studies on the sources of Central Asian origin and the Greek-Roman and Persian cultural areas are introduced and individual phenomena of languages or religions are analyzed.

Table of Contents
Christoph Markschies: Geleitwort
Manfred Lorenz: Werner Sundermann und die persische Literatur
Nicholas Sims-Williams: Werner Sundermann and the Christian Texts of the Berlin Turfan Collection
Ionuţ Daniel Băncilă: Die mandäische „dualistische Formel“ und der manichäische „Dualismus“. Ein Beitrag zum aramäischen Hintergrund des Manichäismus
Jason David BeDuhn: The Nature of the Manichaean Soul
Adam Benkato: Exploring the Oral Background of the Manichaean Parables
Olga M. Chunakova: A Manichaean Fragment from the Oldenburg Archives
Luigi Cirillo: Mani’s Reaction to the Doctrine of the Baptismal Sects
Concerning Man’s Redemption from Evil
Iris Colditz: Manichäische Parabeln – didaktische Literatur für Hörer?
Desmond Durkin-Meisterernst: Observations on the Middle Persian Barm-e Delak Inscription
Harry Falk / Nicholas Sims-Williams: A Decorated Silver Pyxis from the Time of Vāsudeva
Ela Filippone: Middle Iranian grīw/γrīw: Possible Paths for Semantic Changes and Functional Shifts
Majella Franzmann: Mariam, the Net-Caster and Shepherd: the Further Development of the Johannine Mary Magdalene in the Manichaean Psalm Book
Wolf-Peter Funk: Wer ist „der Achte“? Ein west-östliches Rätsel manichäischer Terminologie
Iain Gardner: Some Comments on the Remnants of the Codex of Mani’s Epistles in Middle Persian as Edited by W. Sundermann
Matthew Goff: The Two Tablets of Enoch: The Contribution of the “Leningrad” Fragment of the Manichaean Book of Giants to the Study of the Qumran Book of Giants
Zsuzsanna Gulácsi: A Parthian Exposition on Mani’s Book of Pictures. A Contextualized Study of a Fragmentary Ārdhang Wifrās Bifolio (M 8255) in the Turfanforschung of the BBAW, Berlin
Jens-Uwe Hartmann / Ruixuan Chen: Eine khotanische Bilingue aus Triratnadāsas Guṇāparyantastotra
Manfred Hutter: Buddha in Iranian Manichaean Writings
Julia Iwersen: A Manichaean Ritual of Ascent? A Discussion of T. Kell. Copt. 2 A 5 in the Light of Other Coptic Gnostic Materials
Judith Josephson: On the Choice between Good and Evil in an Essay in Book 3 of the Dēnkard
Yukiyo Kasai: Ein Erzähltext unter den altuigurischen Fragmenten mit Brāhmī-Elementen
Gábor Kósa: Who Is the King of Honour and What Does He Do?
Gleanings from the New Chinese Manichaean Sources
Claudia Leurini: Ein Riesenengel flog vom Himmel herab
Samuel N. C. Lieu: West of Parthia – Han China’s Knowledge of the Graeco-Roman East
Владимир А. Лившиц: Источники хорезмийской письменности
Pavel Lurje / Ilya Yakubovich: The Myth of Sogdian Lambdacism
Ma Xiaohe: The Manichaean “Wheel of Karma” (Zodiac). A Study
on the Cosmology Painting and Scripture of Buddha-nature
Maria Macuch: A Case of Loan and Mortgage in a Late Pahlavi Text
Mauro Maggi: Two Fragments of the Khotanese Saṅghāṭasūtra
in the Turfan Collection in Berlin
Miklós Maróth: Die syrische Epistolographie
Rea Matsangou: Strategius’ Assignment: an Inquiry into Manichaeism and the Manichaean Churches of the Roman East, during the 4th Century
Dai Matsui: An Old Uigur Account Book for Manichaean and Buddhist Monasteries from Temple α in Qočo
Dieter Maue / Hirotoshi Ogihara: Tumschukische Miszellen III. 3. Tumshukese Dental Affricates
Елена К. Молчанова: Динамика погребальной лексики у современных зороастрийцев Ирана
Enrico Morano: An Antiphonal Body and Soul Hymn in Manichaean Middle Persian, Parthian and Sogdian
Hirotoshi Ogihara / Ching Chao-jung: Some Observations on the Tumshuqese Documents Newly Published in China
Paola Orsatti: The Order of Climes in Nezāmi’s Haft peykar
Antonio Panaino: Multilingualism and Empires: Byzantium and Sasanian Persia
Timothy Pettipiece: Mani’s Journey to India: Mission or Exile?
Georges-Jean Pinault: Theatre Jargon and Literary Language in Tocharian
Andrea Piras: The Writing Hearer. A Suggested Restoration of M 101 d
Adrian Pirtea: Is There an Eclipse Dragon in Manichaeism?
Some Problems Concerning the Origin and Function of āṯālyā in Manichaean Sources
Paul-Hubert Poirier: L’obstruction de l’abîme d’après Titus de Bostra (Contre les manichéens I, 42). Un aspect de l’eschatologie manichéenne
Elio Provasi: Literary Motifs in the Sogdian “Job Story”
Simone-Christiane Raschmann: Lobpreis des Mannes (II)
Christiane Reck: Zwei weitere kleine Bruchstücke soghdischer Versionen des Mahāyāna Mahāparinirvāṇa-sūtras in der Berliner Turfansammlung
Rong Xinjiang: A Re-Examination of the Problem of the So-Called “Tocharian” Languages and the Meaning of “Tugristān” between Kucha and Beshbaliq
Adriano V. Rossi: Parth. šāhīgān, MP šāhīgān, Sogd. š(ʾ)yk/qn(h)
Mohammad Shokri-Foumeshi: The Great Hymn of Wisdom. The First Manichaean Manuscript Fragment Unearthed in Iran
Aloïs van Tongerloo / Herman Seldeslachts: La correspondance Edmond Drouin / Willi Bang [Kaup]
Wang Yuanyuan / Lin Wushu: On the Title Indication of the “Chusheng Zanwen 初聲讃文” in the Chinese Hymnscroll
Dieter Weber: A Pahlavi Query
Jens Wilkens / Michaël Peyrot: Weitere Parallelen in Tocharisch B zur altuigurischen Daśakarmapathāvadānamālā: Mahendrasena– und Ṣaḍdanta-Avadāna
Abdurishid Yakup: An Old Uyghur Fragment of an Astrological Treatise Kept in the Beijing National Library
Yutaka Yoshida: The Xiapu 霞浦 Manichaean text Sijizan 四寂讃 “Praise of the Four Entities of Calmness” and Its Parthian Original
Peter Zieme: Mānīstān „Kloster“ und manichäische Kolophone