Iranian Demons

Iranian demons belong to the generic category of daēuua– (dēv in Pahlavi). Yet it is paradoxical that this word is inherited to the same Sanskrit word (devá-), which originally means “god”, attested in the Latin word deus. How did it happen? Are we witnessing the birth of an evil world? Was the prophet Zarathushtra, supposed to be the founder of the Zoroastrian doctrine, who redefined the semantic content of the word daēuua-? Is this semantic evolution an distinctive feature of the ancient Iranian religion? Is it a moral or a political definition of evil? What is its genealogy? What is the role of the evil in religious Zoroastrian ceremonies? The atricles of this volume, dedicated to Jean Kellens’ 65th birthday try to answer all these questions.

About the Editor:
Philippe Swennen teaches at the University of Liège, where he holds the chair for “Languages ​​and religions of the ancient Indo-Iranian world.”