Happy New Year

We wish all readers of BiblioIranica a happy new year. May you experience joy and happiness in 2024. And if you do, consider yourself lucky and privileged!

In 2023, our social media activities entered an age of confusion and darkness when Twitter/X and Jetpack decided that collaboration wasn’t part of their cosmic alignment. As if that was not enough, Jetpack started to charge for the ‘sharing’ feature. The one thing social media are supposed to foster, ended: collaboration. No hard feelings. I expected a social media meltdown, which is why we have always maintained the website as the main source. We anticipate a reduction in traffic to BiblioIranica in 2024, but hope that our readers will subscribe to our e-mail service and visit the site even if we no longer post on Twitter/X. We need your love and support.
Let us look at some statistics for 2023:

  • We made 115 announcements
  • We had 55,634 views across the site
  • These were generated by 35,843 unique visitors
  • We were most popular in USA, Germany and India
  • On 7 November 2013, we silently celebrated 10 years of posting on in the service of Iranian Studies. There will be another occasion to celebrate with our followers, when the website of BiblioIranica becomes 10.

This post is by me, Arash. I would like to think that I am speaking on behalf of my friends Shervin and Yazdan, without whose support we would have not made it this far.