Festschrift for Mahmoud Jaafari-Dehaghi

Shayeste Doust, Amin (ed.). 2022. Dādestān ī Dēnīg. Festschrift for Mahmoud Jaafari-Dehaghi. Teheran: Farhang Moaser.

Table of contents:

  • Miguel Angel Andrés-Toledo: “Fighting Evil: The Lists of Demons of the Wīdēwdād”
  • Pavel V. Basharin: “Iranian Loanwords for Weapons in Uralic Languages”
  • Alberto Cantera: “Myth and Ritual: Zaraθustra’s Taking of the Wāz”
  • Carlo G. Cereti: “De Persarum Regni descriptionibus, otiifructus. Some Thoughts on Geographical Literature in the Zoroastrian Tradition”
  • Matteo Compareti: “The ”Theory of the Four Sons of the Sky’ in Ancient Iranian and Chinese Sources”
  • Judith Josephson: “The Circumposition az-Noun Phrase-be
  • Thomas Jügel: “The Diachronic Insight of Areal Linguistics: Areal Distribution of Clitic Functions and Their Historical Implications”
  • Götz König: “From Written to Oral? The Encoded Pahlavi in the Frahang ī Pahlawīg”
  • Pavel B. Lurje: “Amdo in the Sogdian ‘List of Nations’?”
  • Maria Macuch: “Mazdakite Heresy and Esotericism within the Framework of the Late Zoroastrian Tradition”
  • Mauro Maggi: “Late Khotanese maṇḍvaï– ‘woman’ and Its Origin”
  • Antonio Panaino: “Dating-Constructions and other Problems In the Old Persian Calendar”
  • Adriano V. Rossi: “Do Iranian stagnant waters ooze, leak or exude?”
  • Parvaneh Pourshariati and Pooriya Alimoradi: “Mehr Worship in Lākh Mazār”
  • Martin Schwartz: “Etymologica Entomologica: Proto-Iranian ‘Scorpion’, Indo-Iranica and Indo-Europaeica”
  • Nicholas Sims-Williams: “Of Moths, Grubs and Worms”
  • Andia Abaï and Arezoo Rasouli (Taleghani): “Ugliness or Manifestation of Bad in Iranian Mythology and Medieval Symbolism”
  • Habib Borjian: “Ishkashm
  • Abolghasem Esmailpour Motlagh: “Study of Three Parthian hymns from Mani’s Psalms”
  • Saloumeh Gholami: “Using questionnaires as a tool for data collection, and developing a questionnaire for the historical phonology of Irani­an languages­”
  • Farzaneh Goshtasb: “Introducing the oldest Persian translation of Qutbal-Dīn Širāzī’s Šarḥ Ḥikmat al-Išrāq (Commentary on the Philoso­phy of Illumination)”
  • Alireza Mohammadi: “The Phonetic Phenomenon of the Vowel U in the Elamite Language and Old Iranian Dialects And The Phonetic Reflection of This Vowel in Ancient Greek Texts­”
  • Bahman Moradian: “About The “Sarvar-e Amšāspandān Šāh Werahrām Ized Ast”. Text And Its Relation With Qjsseh Sanjān”
  • Seyed Ahmad Reza Qaemmaqami: “Are Persian gusast/gusist and gusil suppletive stems?”
  • Ali Asharf Sadeghi: “Kanand, koland/kolang ‘pick'”
  • Amir Emadaldin Sadri: “Suffixes and Prefixes in Bactrian and Khwarezmian languagues”
  • Omid Tabibzadeh: “Representing Ezafe Morpheme in Persian Orthography”
  • Majid Tame: “The Collocation of Topoformants in Compound Oykonyms of lran”
  • Zohreh Zarshenas: “‘Desire’ in Sogdian texts”