Études Avestiques et Mazdéennes, vols. 7 & 8

Kellens, Jean. 2021. Essai sur la Gâthâ spenta.mainiiu (Études Avestiques et Mazdéennes 7). Leuven: Peeters Press.

Redard, Céline. 2021. Videvdad 19. Le récit de la victoire de Zarathustra sur Anhra Maniiu (Études Avestiques et Mazdéennes 8). Leuven: Peeters Press.

This essay on the third Gāϑā persists in the methods and convictions Kellens’ previous writings in the Journal Asiatique of 2013 and 2014 on Gāϑā ahunauuaiti and in volume 6 of this series on Gāϑā ustauuaiti. The starting point is to accept the impregnability of certain difficulties and, instead of trying to solve them at all costs, to concentrate on the movement of words, no longer considered as lending their general meaning to various circumstances, but as referring in a continuous manner to a precise technical datum.

Redard’s book deals with Videvdad 19, a text narrating the victory of Zaraϑustra over the demons. The Avestan text, translated and commented, is completed by an introduction tracing the content of the chapter together with an Avestan-French glossary.