The Hunt for Ancient Israel

Shafer-Elliott, Cynthia, Kristin Joachimsen, Ehud Ben Zvi & Pauline A. Viviano (eds.). 2022. The Hunt for Ancient Israel: Essays in Honour of Diana V. Edelman. Sheffield: Equinox.

The Hunt for Ancient Israel celebrates the contribution of Diana V. Edelman to the field of biblical studies and celebrates her personally as researcher, teacher, mentor, colleague, and mastermind of new research paths and groups. It salutes her unconventional, constant thinking and rethinking outside the box, and her challenging of established consensuses. This volume includes essays addressing biblical themes and texts, archaeological fieldwork, historical method, social memory and reception history.

Table of Contents

Front Matter


Cynthia Shafer-Elliott,Kristin Joachimsen,Ehud Ben Zvi,Pauline A. Viviano


Introduction [+]1-9

Cynthia Shafer-Elliott,Kristin Joachimsen,Ehud Ben Zvi,Pauline A. Viviano

Chapter 1

The Covenant of Circumcision (Genesis 17) as an Identity Marker of Nascent Judaism [+]10-26

Thomas Römer

Chapter 2

Pain, Gain, or Both? Circumcision, Trauma, and (R)Emasculation in Post-Exlic Israel [+]27-49

Anne-Mareike Schol-Wetter

Chapter 3

Remembering the Roles of Mother, Wives and Daughter in the Formation of the Identity and Story of Israel in Genesis 25–36 [+]50-68

Steinar Skarpnes

Chapter 4

The Joseph Story: Between a Family and a Polemical Story [+]69-92

Yairah Amit

Chapter 5

Shibboleth: Folklore and Redaction-History [+]93-104

Christoph Levin

Chapter 6

A Masterpiece of Early Hebrew Storytelling: The Seance at En-Dor (1 Samuel 28) [+]105-125

Reinhard Müller

Chapter 7

The Irrevocable Word of God (1 Kings 13:1–32) [+]126-136

Pauline A. Viviano

Chapter 8

The Pragmatic Challenge to Moses: Jeremiah 30:1-4 in Light of Deuteronomy [+]137-151

Benedetta Rossi

Chapter 9

Dating Haggai: Or Reframing the Context of a Prophetic Book [+]152-167

Bob Becking

Chapter 10

It’s All in the Lists! Building the Community through the Lists in the Books of Ezra and Nehemiah [+]168-194

Maria Häusl

Chapter 11

References to Josiah in the Chronicles’ Narrative [+]195-217

Lowell K. Handy

Chapter 12

Keys to the Past? Archaeological Correlates of Social and Cultural Memory from the Ancient Levant [+]218-232

Aren Maeir

Chapter 13

Putting One’s House in Order: Household Archaeology at Tell Halif, Israel [+]233-257

Cynthia Shafer-Elliott

Chapter 14

Jericho by Qumran and Qumran by Jericho in Late Antiquity: A Multispectral Cultural Landscape through the New Cultural Studies [+]258-293

David Hamidovic

Chapter 15

Kings Saul, David, and Arthur: On Writing a History of the ‘Dark Age’ [+]294-312

Lester L. Grabbe

Chapter 16

The Appearance of Hebrew Prose and the Fabric of History [+]313-335

Daniel Pioske

Chapter 17

If I Ever Forget You, Benjamin… [+]336-359

James Anderson,Philippe Guillaume

Chapter 18

“He Shall Accomplish My Desired Will”: The Yehudized Cyrus in the Book of Isaiah [+]360-382

Kristin Joachimsen

Chapter 19

Where a Shattered Visage Lies? Warrants for Authority in Persian Yehud [+]383-406

Jason Silverman

Chapter 20

The Production of Literature in Judean Military Communities in Egypt [+]407-435

Anne Fitzpatrick-McKinley

Chapter 21

Praying History: Taking a Joyful Leap of Trust [+]436-454

Susanne Gillmayr-Bucher

Chapter 22

Cultural Memory, Identity, and the Past [+]455-475

Kåre Berge

Chapter 23

Alexander as a Site of Memory in Hellenistic Judah in the Context of Mnemonic Appropriations of ‘High-Value’ Outsiders [+]476-495

Ehud Ben Zvi

Chapter 24

Women’s Bravery: Jane Dieulafoy, Queen Parysatis, and the Reception of the Persian Empire in Nineteenth-Century France [+]496-520

Jorunn Okland

End Matter

List of Diana V. Edelman’s Publications [+]521-530

Cynthia Shafer-Elliott,Kristin Joachimsen,Ehud Ben Zvi,Pauline A. Viviano

Index of Authors [+]531-544

Cynthia Shafer-Elliott,Kristin Joachimsen,Ehud Ben Zvi,Pauline A. Viviano

Index of Ancient Textual Sources[+]545-571

Cynthia Shafer-Elliott,Kristin Joachimsen,Ehud Ben Zvi,Pauline A. Viviano