The Art of Empire in Achaemenid Persia

Dusinberre Elspeth R.M., Mark B. Garrison & Wouter Henkelman (eds.). 2020. The Art of empire in Achaemenid Persia: Studies in honour of Margaret Cool Root (Achaemenid History 16). Leiden: Nederlands Instituut voor het Nabije Oosten & Leuven: Peeters.

This volume in honour of Margaret Cool Root gathers seventeen contributions on Achaemenid Persian art, ranging from the European re-discovery of Persepolis, via Achaemenid glyphic art, evidence of polychrome sculpture, and Achaemenid impact in the satrapies, to possible reflections of Persepolitan art in Classical Greece. The contributors are colleagues and, in a number of cases, former students of Margaret Root. As a whole, the volume reflects the wide range of Root’s interests and her impact on the field of Achaemenid studies.

Table of Contents:

  • E.R.M. Dusinberre and M.B. Garrison: Preface
  • Abbreviations
  • Margaret Cool Root, bibliography 1973-2018
  • Pierre Briant: The Discovery of Persepolis in the Eighteenth Century: From the Accounts of Travellers to the ‘Érudits de Cabinet’
  • Rémy Boucharlat: Arriving at Persepolis, an Unfortified Royal Residence
  • Ali Mousavi: Visual Display and Written Record: Reflections on some of Xerxes’ Inscriptions at Persepolis
  • Shahrokh Razmjou: Forgotten under the Shadow: An Unidentified Structure at Persepolis
  • Alexander Nagel: Preserving the Achaemenid Persian Legacy: Aspects of Conservation, Technology, Polychromy, and Material Culture in Persepolis
  • Ann C. Gunter: Revisiting the Imagery of Gift-giving
  • Mark B. Garrison and Wouter F.M. Henkelman: Sigillophobe Suppliers and Idiosyncratic Scribes: Local Information Handling in Achaemenid Pārsa
  • Henry P. Colburn: Seal Production and the City of Persepolis
  • Deniz Kaptan: Three Seal Artifacts from Uylupinar in the Kibyratis
  • Chrislopher Tuplin: Sigillography and Soldiers: Cataloguing Military Activity on Achaemenid Period Seals
  • Maria Brosius: A Brief Note on the Children of the Empire
  • Bruno Jacobs and Robert Rollinger: Kunst- und Kulturhistorische Anmerkungen zur Schale aus Arğān
  • Margaret C. Miller: Of Thrones, Griffins and Seals: The Iconography of the Throne of the Priest of Dionysos Eleuthereus, Athens
  • Karen A. Laurence: Reading Persepolis in Delphi
  • Björn Anderson: Lines in the Sand: Horizons of Real and Imagined Power in Persian Arabia
  • Lori Khatchadourian: From Copy to Proxy: The Politics of Matter and Mimesis in Achaemenid Armenia
  • Amélie Kuhrt: Margaret and Achaemenid Imperial Art