The Arsakid World (Anabasis, 10)

Volume 10 (2019) of Anabasis. Studia Classica et Orientalia is now out. This is a special volume, entitled “The Arsakid World: Studies on the History and Culture of Western and Central Asia” edited by Marek Jan Olbrycht and Jeffrey D. Lerner.

Table of Contents:

  • Marek Jan Olbrycht, Jeffrey D. Lerner:
    The Arsakid World and Its Neighbors: An Introduction
  • Alice Borgna:
    Pompeius Trogus and the Romanization of History (Note to Iust. 41.2.1-2)
  • Yasuyuki Mitsuma:
    “General (Who Is) Above the Four Generals” in the Seleucid and Arsacid Period
  • Marek Jan Olbrycht:
    Crisis in Parthia (ca. 90-70/69 BC) and Arsakid Coinages: Preliminary Remarks on Numismatic Evidence
  • Mehdi Mousavinia, Hassan Nami:
    Shahr-Tepeh and Toghei – Two Early Parthian Cities in Northeastern Iran
  • Mohsen Dana, Alireza Nasrabadi, Hadi Sharifan:
    Qal’e Nehbandan: Evidence of the Parthian Period in Eastern Iran
  • Martin Schottky:
    Die arsakidische Nebenlinie in Armenien
  • Anahit Mousheghian:
    Monetary Circulation in Armenia in the Hellenistic and Parthian-Roman Periods (Some Remarks)
  • Jeffrey D. Lerner:
    A Further Note on the Appearance of “Αντειχ” / “Σαναβ” on the So-Called “Heraios” Tetradrachmas of the Kushan King Kujula Kadphises, ca. 30-80 CE
  • Razieh Taasob:
    Khalchayan and Historical Links to the Numismatic and Iconographical Evidence in Central Asia: Some Suggestions for Chronology
  • Udo Hartmann:
    Die Imperiale Politik des Vologaises III. und das Bellum Parthicum des Lucius Verus
  • Jake Nabel:
    Tiridates in the Forum, Peroz on His Knees: Religion and Reputation in Ancient Iranian
  • Valentina I. Mordvintseva:
    Sarmatian Elites of the Lower Volga-and-Don Region and their Relations with the Outside World (3rd c. BC – 3rd c. AD)
  • Aleksander Baliński:
    Nabonidus – Darius the Mede
  • Sabine Müller:
    Persia in Defense, the Athenian Connection, and the Family of Pharnabazos
  • Oleg L. Gabelko, Eugene G. Teytelbaum:
    “Waged War not Only on Men but on Gods”: Polybius’ Views on Religious Crimes in Military Conflicts of the Greek-Roman World
  • Juan Antonio Álvarez-Pedrosa:
    The Peacock’s Arrival in Greece and Rome, or How an Exotic Animal Became an Eschatological Symbol
  • Edward Lipiński:
    L’inscription latino-palmyrénienne de South Shields
  • Martin Schottky
    Ein Neues Buch zu den Regna Minora
  • Aleksandr A. Sinitsyn, Igor E. Surikov:
    A New Collective Work on Herodotus as a Scientist and Narrator
  • Sabine Müller:
    Tonio Hölscher, Mythenbilder und Mentalität in Athen von Kleisthenes zu den Perserkriegen. Ein Versuch zur historischen Psychologie der Griechen, Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz 2019
  • Aleksandr A. Sinitsyn:
    In Tribute to the Russian Classical Historian Vladimir Borukhovich (1920–2007) on the
    Centenary of His Birth