Shahnama Studies III

van den Berg, Gabrielle (ed.). 2017. Shahnama Studies III: The Reception of the Shahnama. Leiden: Brill.

Shahnama Studies III focuses on the hugely successful afterlife of the Shahnama or Book of Kings, completed by the poet Firdausi around 1010 AD. This long epic grew out to be an icon of Persian culture and served as a source of inspiration for art and literature, leaving its traces in manifold ways. The contributors to this volume each treat an aspect of the rich legacy of the Shahnama and offer new insights in Shahnama manuscript studies, the illustration of the Shahnama, the phenomenon of later epics, and the Shahnama in later texts and contexts.

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Part 1: The Reception of the Shahnama: Later Epics

1 Banu Gushasp in the Shahnama: A Case Study of the British Library Ms. Or. 2926 and the Interpolated Banu Gushaspnama
Marjolijn van Zutphen

2 The Demon Barkhiyas at the Well of Bizhan
Charles Melville

3 Rustam’s Grandson in Central Asia: The Sistan Cycle Epics and the Shahnama Tradition
Gabrielle van den Berg

4 The Interplay of Oral and Written Traditions in Persian Epics: The Case of the Barzunama in the Haft Lashkar
Kumiko Yamamoto

5 A New manuscript of the ShahrIyArnAma attributed to Mukhtari of Ghazna from the collection of the Ancient India and Iran Trust
Maria Szuppe

Part 2: The Shahnama in Later Contexts

6 The Shahnama in Timurid Historiography
Michele Bernardini

7 The Sulaiman-nama (Süleyman-name) as an Historical Source
Fatma Sinem Eryılmaz

8 A Storyteller’s Shahnama: Meddâh Medhî and His Şehnâme-i̇ Türkî
Tülün Derğirmenci

9 The Shahnama Legacy in a Late 15th-Century Illustrated Copy of Ibn HusAm’s Khavaran-nama, the GulistAn Palace Library, Tehran, Ms. 5750
Raya Shani

Part 3: Textual Studies

10 Persian Medieval rewriters between auctoritas and authorship: the Story of Khusrau and Shirin as a case-study
Christine van Ruymbeke

11 Rebels, Virtuous Adorers And Successors: The Agentic Daughters of the Shahnama
Alyssa Gabbay

Part 4: Art History and Manuscript Studies

12 Zahhak from Cambridge and Bahram Gur from Geneva: Two Unpublished lustre Tiles with Shahnama verses
Firuza Melville

13 Illustration as Localization: A Dispersed bijapuri Manuscript of the shahnama
Laura Weinstein

14 The Baysunghuri Manuscript in the Malek National Library

Shiva Mihan

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