Persica Antiqua

The first issue of Persica Antiqua: The International Journal of Iranian Studies is released. The papers are freely at disposal on the journal’s website.

Persica Antiqua is the official journal of Tissaphernes Archaeological Research Group. Persica Antiqua is an international, peer reviewed journal, publishing high-quality, original research. The journal covers studies on the cultural and civilization of pre-Islamic Persia in its broadest sense. Persica Antiqua publishes on Persian Studies, including archaeology, ancient history, linguistics, religion, epigraphy, numismatics and history of art of ancient Iran, as well as on cultural exchanges and relations between Iran and its neighbours.

Table of Contents:

  • Mahmood Heydarian; Seyed Mehdi Mousavi Kouhpar: An Anatomic Study of Wood Charcoal Discovered from the Archaeological Site of Kelar, Kelardasht in North of Iran
  • Giacomo Maria Tabita: Reflecting on the Thebes Treasure and its Kassite Findings, The Glyptic Art and its Geo-Political Context and Distribution
  • Maryam Dara: Urartian Lion Figure: The Travelling Motif in the Ancient Near East
  • Reza MehrAfarin: Functional Analysis of the Structure No. 3 of Dahān-e Qolāmān in Sistan of Iran
  • Patryk Skupniewicz: Mounted Combat Scenes on the Bronze Plaque from Sana’a, Amazonomachia in Yemen?
  • Katarzyna Maksymiuk: Armenia in Political and Military Activities of Ardaxšīr I
  • Morteza Khanipour; Farhad Zare Kordshooli; Hamid Karami: Archeological Excavations at Tol-e Sangi in Fars Province, Iran