Journal of Persianate Studies

The Journal of Persianate Studies is a peer-reviewed publication of the Association for the Study of Persianate Societies.

The vol. 14 of the journal contains a group of contributions from the study of Zoroastrianism together with other articles.

Table of contents:

  • Front matter
  • Carlo Giovanni Cereti: Introduction: Religious Diversity in Late Antique and Early Medieval Iran
  • Carlo Giovanni Cereti, Mehdi Mousavi Nia, and Mohammad Reza Neʿmati: Ray and Pahlaw in the Context of Sasanian Iran
  • Mojtaba Doroodi and Farrokh Hajiani: A Clarification of the Terms Dakhma and Astodān on the Basis of Literary Records and Archeological Research in Fars Province
  • Amin Shayeste Doust and Carlo Giovanni Cereti: The Purpose and Practice of Divorce in Sasanian and Post-Sasanian Texts
  • Antonio Clemente Panaino: Ohrmazd’s Divine Mercy and the End of the World between Apocatastasis and Apocalypse
  • Domenico Agostini: Some Observations on Ahriman and his Miscreation in the Bundahišn
  • Massimiliano Vassalli: How to Develop a Fabula: The Case of DēnkardVII
  • Paolo Ognibene: Restricted Access Linguistic and Religious Continuity in Outer Iran
  • Gianfilippo Terribili: Restricted Access Visitation and Awakening: Cross-Cultural and Functional Parallelisms between the Zoroastrian Srōš and Christian St. Sergius
  • Andrea Piras: Apocalyptic Imagery and Royal Propaganda in Khosrow II’s Letter to the Byzantine Emperor Maurice
  • Saïd Amir Arjomand: Manichæism as a World Religion of Salvation and Its Influence on Islam
  • Michael Vahidirad and Marjan Borhani: Restricted Access The Agricultural Economics of the Allied Occupation of Iran in the Second World War
  • Back matter