Iranica Antiqua, Volume 58

The table of contents of the latest issue (58) of the journal Iranica Antiqua:

  • Enrico ASCALONE, Pierfrancesco VECCHIO: Shahr-i Sokhta New Revised Sequence
  • Roberto DAN, Annarita S. BONFANTI: Seals and Sealing in Bia/Urartu. The Inscribed Seal
  • Hanna VERTIIENKO: A ‘Rooster-Man’ on the Gold Plate from Soboleva Mohyla
  • Eduard RUNG: On Metonomasia in the Achaemenid Dynasty
  • Marco FERRARIO: Just Send me Words. The Imperial Political Economies of Ancient Bactria
  • Rika GYSELEN, Hamid ZOHOORIAN: Deux sceaux sassanides avec le motif de l’autel du feu et la formule ātaxš … deh nišāst
  • D.T. Potts: The Antiquity and Nature of Horseshoeing in Iran
  • Clélia PALADRE: Rediscovering Mudbrick Architecture in Susa Fantasy or Reality?