Iranica Antiqua, Volume 57

The table of contents of the latest issue (57) of the journal Iranica Antiqua:

  • Kathryn KELLEY, Logan BORN, M. Willis MONROE, Anoop SARKAR: On Newly Proposed Proto-Elamite Sign Values
  • Mohammad BAHRAMI: The Evidence of a Castle of the Ellipi Kingdom in Khorramabad, Western Iran
  • Esmail HEMATI AZANDARYANI, Hossein NASERI SOMEEH, Mehrdad MALEKZADEH, Hossein TORABZADEH, Michael ROAF: Haji Khan. A Median Temple in Hamadan Province, Iran
  • Anahit Yu. KHUDAVERDYAN, Seda H. DEVEJYAN, Ruben H. DAVTYAN, Azat A. YENGIBARYAN, Arshak A. HOVHANESYAN, Shota A. VARDANYAN: Disability and Murder. A Paleopathological Case of Ankylosing Spondylitis in a Woman from the 7th-6th Century BC Lori Berd Burial (Armenia) with Skeletal Evidence of Probable Fatal Blade Injuries
  • Amir SAED MUCHESHI, Mohammad E. ELIASVAND, Shoaib FAIZI, Amir ESNA-ASHARI, Shreya SARMAH, Mojgan SEIF PANAHI, Ali BEHNIA: Qaleh Qamchoqay. An Archaeological Investigation into a Defensive Castle in the Province of Kurdistan, Iran
  • Mahnaz SHARIFI: Second Season of Excavation at Cham Routeh in Seimare, Ilam Province, Iran
  • Mozhgan JAYEZ: What has been done and what has to be done? Statistical Assessment of Iranian Paleolithic Research 1906-2021