Iranica Antiqua, Volume 50

Iranica Antiqua is one of the leading scholarly journals covering studies on the civilization of pre-Islamic Iran in its broadest sense. This annual publication, edited by the Department for Near Eastern Art and Archaeology at Gent University, Belgium, contains preliminary excavation reports, contributions on archaeological problems, studies on different aspects of history, institutions, religion, epigraphy, numismatics and history of art of ancient Iran, as well as on cultural exchanges and relations between Iran and its neighbours. 

Here is the table of contents of the last issue (50):

DAVOUDI, Davoud, ABBASNEJAD, Rahmat, HATAMI NESARI, Tayebeh, NOUROLAHI, Rouhollah, BIGLARI, Aref. 2015. Discovery of Middle Palaeolithic Artefacts from the Caves of Holeyman, Western Iran (Previously Claimed to be Upper and Epipalaeolithic). Iranica Antiqua (50). 1-14.

VIDALE, Massimo. 2015. Searching for Mythological Themes on the ‘Jiroft’ Chlorite Artefacts. Iranica Antiqua (50). 15-59.

DANTI, Michael G., CIFARELLI, Megan. 2015. Iron II Warrior Burials at Hasanlu Tepe, Iran. Iranica Antiqua (50). 61-157.

MEDVEDSKAYA, Inna N.2015. A Shield-Bearer from Sialk: Rectangular Shields in the Ancient Near East. Iranica Antiqua (50). 159-170.

HASANPUR, Ata, HASHEMI, Zahra, OVERLAET, Bruno. 2015. The Baba Jilan Graveyard near Nurabad, Pish-i Kuh, Luristan: A Preliminary Report. Iranica Antiqua (50). 171-202.

ARIMATSU, Yui. 2015. Homogénéisation de la céramique fine de la deuxième moitié de l’âge du Fer au nord de l’Iran dans le cadre de l’horizon à céramique de type Orange Ware. Iranica Antiqua (50). 213-232.

MOHAMMADIFAR, Yaghoub, SARRAF, Mohammad Rahim, MOTARJEM, Abbas. 2015. A Preliminary Report on Four Seasons of Excavation at Moush Tepe, Hamedan, Iran. Iranica Antiqua (50). 233-250.

ÁLVAREZ-MON, Javier. 2015. A Highland Elamite Archer from Kūl-e Farah IV, CI:4. Iranica Antiqua (50). 251-277.

GONDET, Sébastien. 2015. Stratégies d’exploitation de la pierre à Persepolis: Nouvelles données archéologiques. Iranica Antiqua (50). 279-331.

RUNG, Eduard. 2015. Some notes on Karanos in the Achaemenid Empire. Iranica Antiqua (50). 333-356.

FARJAMIRAD, Mahdokht. 2015. Do Gur-e Dopa: The Sasanian Twin Pillar Ossuaries at Shoush Village, Kohgiloyeh va Boyer Ahmad (Iran). Iranica Antiqua (50). 357-365.

CERETI, Carlo G., GONDET, Sébastien. 2015. The Funerary Landscape between Naqš-e Rostam and Estaḫr (Persepolis Region): Discovery of a New Group of Late Sasanian Inscribed Rock-Cut Niches. Iranica Antiqua (50). 367-403.