Iranian Studies (vol. 52, issue 5-6)

Issue 5-6 of Vol. 52 (2019) of the journal Iranian Studies with special interest to the Persian poet Saʿdi has now been published.

Table of contents:

  • Julia Caterina Hartley: Saʿdi at Large
  • Daniela Meneghini: Saʿdi-ye Shirāzi and Bono Giamboni in Dialogue: A Comparative Approach to Temperance
  • Lamia Balafrej: Compilations of the Bustān of Saʿdī in Iran, Central Asia, and Turkey, ca. 1470–1550
  • Margaux Whiskin: Between Fantasy and Philosophy: Saʿdi, Translator of Voltaire’s Zadig
  • Pegah Shahbaz: Persian Monshi, Persian Jones: English Translations of Saʿdi’s Golestān from the Late Eighteenth to the Mid-Nineteenth Centuries
  • Mateusz M. Kłagisz & Renata Rusek-Kowalska: Article The Dragoman and the Scholar: Two Polish Translations of Saʿdi’s Golestān
  • Julia Caterina Hartley: Beyond Orientalism: When Marceline Desbordes-Valmore carried Saʿdi’s Roses to France
  • Nina Zandjani: The Social and Literary Context of German Translations of Saʿdi’s Golestān
  • Julia Caterina Hartley, With assistance from Cameron Cross, Samuel Hodgkin, Joseph Lenkart & Nina Zandjani: Saʿdi in European Languages and Literatures: An Annotated Bibliography
  • Betty Hensellek: A Sogdian Drinking Game at Panjikent
  • Saghi Gazerani: Kush-e Pildandān, the Anti-Hero: Polemics of Power in Late Antique Iran
  • Nahid Norozi: The “Metal Army” of Alexander in the War against the Indian King Porus in Three Persian Alexander Books (Tenth‒Fourteenth Centuries)
  • Albert Kaganovitch: The Jewish Communities of Central Asia in the Medieval and Early Modern Periods
  • James White: Reading In, Looking Out: Hermeneutics by Implication in an Early Fifteenth-Century Anthology
  • Mohammad Sadeq Mirza-Abolqasemi: Ibrāhīm Sulṭān’s Muṣḥaf: The Qurʾān Calligraphed by Ibrāhīm Sulṭān in the Pars Museum
  • Li-Chiao Chen: The Signing of the Sino-Iranian Treaty of 1920

Review Essay

  • Stephen Frederic Dale: A History of Persian Literature, Vol. IX, Persian Literature from Outside Iran: The Indian Subcontinent, Anatolia, Central Asia, and in Judeo-Persian


  • Ali Banuazizi: Iraniyat, Melliyat, Qowmiyat
  • Matthew Shannon: The Age of Aryamehr: Late Pahlavi Iran and its Global Entanglements
  • Nasrin Rahimieh: Another Season, A Bilingual Edition with Critical Introduction, Annotations and Archival Material


  • Mohammad-Jafar Yahaghi & Translated from the Persian by Cameron Cross: Sayyed Mohammad Dabirsiyāqi (24 February 1920–8 October 2018) Educator, Writer, Editor, and Scholar of Classical Persian Literature