Iran, Volume 60, Issue 1 (2022)

The table of contents of the latest issue (60/1) of the journal Iran:

  • Marta Ameri: Who Holds the Keys? Identifying Female Administrators at Shahr-i Sokhta
  • Soheila Hadipour Moradi & Bita Sodaei: Two Bronze Coins of Alexander Balas Recently Discovered in Luristan (Iran)
  • Bertille Lyonnet: New Insights into Sogdiana during the Classical Period (from the end of the 4th c. BCE to the 3rd c. CE)
  • Ruben S. Nikoghosyan: Where Did the Battle Between Wištāsp and Arǰāsp Take Place?
  • Andrea Squitieri: The Sasanian Cemetery of Gird-i Bazar in the Peshdar Plain (Iraqi Kurdistan)
  • Atri Hatef Naiemi: The Ilkhanid City of Sultaniyya: Some Remarks on the Citadel and the Outer City
  • Soli Shahvar: “Abbas Mirza’s Invitation to Europeans to Settle in Nineteenth-Century Iranian Azerbaijan: Reasons, Causes and Motives”
  • Ladislav Charouz: Naser al-Din Shah’s 1873 Visit to the World’s Fair in Vienna