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Iran and the Caucasus

Volume 23, issue 4 of Iran and the Caucasus:

Iran and the Caucasus 23(4).

Table of Contents
  • Ali Bahadori: On the Structural Aspects of Persian Elites in Achaemenid Persia
  • Evgeny I. Zelenev and Milana Iliushina: Jihād in the Mamlūk Sultanate
  • Timirlan Aytberov and Shakhban Khapizov: Restricted Access Kufic Inscriptions of the 10th–13th Centuries from Avaristan
  • David B. Buyaner: Iranica mutuata. IV. Zur persischen Bezeichnung von Stahl
  • Garnik Asatrian: Barde/askan, the City of Gardens
  • Anastasia Fedorenko: Typology of Nominalisation of Adjectives in East Caucasian
  • Victoria Arakelova: Notes on Language Affinity and Imagined Kinships
  • David Leupold: “Fatally Tied Together”: The Intertwined History of Kurds and Armenians in the 20th Century
  • Ronen A. Cohen and Dina Lisnyansky: Salafism in Azerbaijan: Changing the Sunni-Shiite Balance from Within
  • Thomas Jügel: Gorani: A Review of Recent Works
  • Annika Thörne: Restricted Access Eberhard Werner, Rivers and Mountains, A Historical, Applied Anthropological and Linguistical Study of the Zaza People of Turkey including an Introduction to Applied Cultural Anthropology, Nürnberg: “VTR Publishing”, 2017.—549 pp.
  • Vahe Boyajian: Sufism in Central Asia: New Perspectives on Sufi Traditions, 15th−21st Centuries (Handbuch der Orientalistik, vol. 25), edited by Devin DeWeese, Jo-Ann Gross, Leiden/Boston: “Brill”, 2018.—340pp.
  • Anton Evstratov: Richard Foltz, Iran in World History, New York: “Oxford University Press”, 2016.–151 pp.