Dinars and Dirhams

Daryaee, Touraj, Judith A. Lerner & Virginie C. Rey (eds.). 2020. Dinars and Dirhams: Festschrift in honor of Michael L. Bates. Irvine: Jordan Center for Persian Studies.

The present volume is dedicated to Michael L. Bates, Curator Emeritus of Islamic Coins at the American Numismatic Society. For more than forty years, Michael has been a major figure in the field of Islamic numismatics through his writing, teaching, and being a resource for scholars, students and collectors. The list of contributors to this volume and the range of their contributions are testament to Michael’s continued and vital influence on numismatic and historical studies.

Table of Contents:

  • Touraj Daryaee & Judith Lerner: Introduction
  • Judith Lerner & Robert Schaaf: Michael L. Bates: An Unfinished Biography
  • Bibliography of Michael L. Bates
  • Tabula Gratulatoria
  • Jere Bacharach: Stirring the Pot: Bates’s Approach to Islamic Numismatics
  • Jamsheed Choksy & Jennifer Dubeansky: Ancient Iranian Stamp Seals in the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum
  • Touraj Daryaee: To Rule for Eternity: The ‘PD Legend on the Silver Drachms of Khosrow II
  • Peter Donovan: A Study and Classification of Shah Jahan 234-Type Rupees
  • David Hendin and Martin Huth: Early Nabataean Coinage until the Monetary System of Malichus I
  • Oliver Hoover: An Obodas befor Obodas I? The Implications of a New Nabatean Coin Type
  • Lutz Ilisch: Jabal al-Fida: The Silver Mine and the Mint
  • Judith Kolbas: Multiple Mithqāls in Monetary Relationships
  • Hodge Mehdi Malek: The Numismatic Evidence of the Umayyads and their Opponents in Kirman (31-84 H)
  • Roxani Eleni Margariti: An Almorvarid Dinar at Pavlopetri, Laconia: Archaeological Enigma and Historical Context
  • Khodadad Rezakhani: Pangul and Banji: Zhulad and Fulad: a Note on the Geneology of the Shanasbis Amirs of Ghur
  • Nicholaus Schindel: A New Abbasid Donative Coin
  • Warren Schultz: Metrological Contexts for Crusader Imitations of Ayyubid Silver Dirhams
  • Stuart Sears: A Tale of Two Cities: Al-‘Abbāsiya and the Rise of the Aghlabid State
  • Alan Stahl and Joe Glynias: The Transition from Byzantine to Islamic Coinage in Antioch and its Implication for the History of Settlement in the City
  • Razieh Taasob: Statement of Dynastic Affiliation in Early Jushan Coinage: Use and Omission
  • Pankaj Tandon: The Coins and History of Toramāna
  • Luke Treadwell: The Last Arab Bukharkhuda Drachma (early 190s AH/late 800 CH) – Who Issued Them and Where Were They Struck?