Ancient West & East

The latest volume of Ancient West & East, dedicated to Professor Amélie Kuhrt to celebrate her 75th birthday, contains several interesting papers. Table of contents of vol. 18 (2019) of the journal comes in the following:

  • Airton POLLINI: Inscriptions and People: Nuanced Readings on Cultural Interaction between Greeks and Italic Populations in Magna Graecia
  • Gilles COURTIEU: X/Z. Pastiches avestiques dans la Cyropédie de Xénophon
  • Tong Wu: From Hunting to Military Success: Battle Descriptions and Ideal Generalship in Xenophon’s Cyropaedia
  • Jan BOUZEK: Relations between Greece and Central Europe Revisited: Early Iron Age, Imports of Attic Pottery in Bohemia and Possible Pythagorean Links of Celtic Art
  • Matthew Adam COBB: Peoples of the Eastern Desert of Egypt and their Impact on the Red Sea Trade 1st to 3rd Centuries AD
  • Gocha R TSETSKHLADZE: An Achaemenid Inscription from Phanagoria: Extending the Boundaries of Empire
  • Robert ROLLINGER & Angelika KELLNER: Once More the Nabonidus Chronicle (BM 35382) and Cyrus’ Campaign in 547 BC
  • Marc MENDOZA & Javier VERDEJO MANCHADO: Sophytos, a Greek Name for an Enigmatic Ruler: A Reappraisal of an Onomastic Issue
  • Paul EVERILL: Travellers’ Tales of Mingrelia and of the Ancient Fortress of Nokalakevi
  • Sven GÜNTHER: Classics in China: An Update
  • Mahmut Bilge BAŞTÜRK & Alexandru AVRAM: A Newly Discovered Old Phrygian Inscription from Şarhöyük (Dorylaion)
  • John BOARDMAN: The Yueh-chi (from China to Gandhara), and ‘Classical’ Gandharan Arts
  • Fred C. WOUDHUIZEN: Four Notes on Luwian Hieroglyphic
  • John HIND: Theseus and his Recognition in the House of Aigeus: The Scene on the Gold Amphora-Rhyton from Panagyurishte, Bulgaria
  • John HIND: Phanagoria and Phanagoras: The Toponym and the Name of the Oikist (Founder)
  • John HIND: Kepoi: A Milesian Colony on the Asian Side of the Cimmerian Bosporus
  • Reviews
  • Books Received