Ancient Iranian Numismatics

Faghfoury, Mostafa (ed.). 2020. Ancient Iranian Numismatics: In Memory of David Sellwood. Irvine: Jordan Center for Persian Studies.

The present volume which includes some of the most recent studies on ancient Iranian numismatics has been dedicated to the memory of David Sellwood (1925-2012). Sellwood spent more than fifty years of his life studying and publishing about the history and coinage of Iran. His legacy is exhibited in this volume through the contributions of individuals from different backgrounds and countries who have participated to make this book possible. He would have been pleased to see that not only his old friends remember him, but also that some young scholars, who were not even born when the first edition of his Introduction to the Coinage of Parthia was published in 1971, are now working in the areas of his interests.

Table of contents

• Preface
• Sellwood’s Biography
• Sellwood’s Bibliography
• Tributes
• About Authors
• The Heavy Bronzes of Antiochus III and Demetrius I of Bactria – K. Rutter and S. Glenn
• The Date of the Battle at the River Lycus: Antiochus VII Defeated the Parthian General Indates on Friday 12 June 130 BC – G.R.F. Assar
• Introducing a forthcoming book: Volume 2: Mithradates II c.122/121–91 BC. The Sylloge Nummorum Parthicorum (SNP) – V. Sarkhosh-Curtis, A. Magub and E. Pendleton
• The Gold Variety of a Silver Drachm of Mithradates III of Parthia (87-80 BC) – G. R. F. Assar
• Some Observations on Parthian Bronze Coinage – M. Faghfoury
• Onomastica Persida: Names of the Rulers of Persis in the Seleucid and Arsacid Periods – Kh. Rezakhani
• A Revised Frataraka Chronology and Coinage – K. Gholami
• Sasanian Coins from Amul, Tabaristan – H. M. Malek
• “The Maker of the World Without Fear”: Observations on the Gold Coin of Khosrow I – T. Daryaee
• An Anomalous Group of Khusrau II Drachms – S. Tyler-Smith
• Cities and Mint Centers Founded by the Sasanians – B. Badiyi
• Leiden Conventions for Greek Numismatic Epigraphy – E. C. D. Hopkins