Anabasis. Studia Classica et Orientalia – Volume 9

Volume nine (2018) of Anabasis. Studia Classica et Orientalia, edited by Marek Jan Olbrycht, is out now. Several papers and reviews of the issue relate to ancient Iran:

Table of Contents:


Franca Landucci (Italy)
Alexander, the Crown Prince (pp. 9-20)

Sabine Müller (Germany)
Alexander and Macedonian Relations with Thebes – A Reassessment (pp. 21-39)

Luisa Prandi (Italy)
Byzantium and Alexander the Great: A Convergence of Interests (pp. 40-46)

Nicholas Victor Sekunda (Poland)
Alexander and Demaratus of Corinth at the Battle of the River Granicus (pp. 47-61)

Silvia Panichi (Italy)
Alexander and Cappadocia (pp. 62-79)

Marek Jan Olbrycht (Poland)
Alexander the Great in Sittakene and the Reorganization of his Army (331 B.C.) (pp. 80-92)

Waldemar Heckel (Canada)
Artabazos in the Lands Beyond the Caspian (pp. 93-109)

Jeffrey D. Lerner (USA)
Alexander’s Settlement of the Upper Satrapies in Policy and Practice (pp. 110-128)

Eduard V. Rtveladze (Uzbekistan)
Alexander the Great’s Campaign in Basand (Baisun) (pp. 129-141)

Luis Ballesteros Pastor (Spain)
Zopyrion’s Scythian Campaign: Historical and Historiographical Problems (pp. 142-159)

Tomasz Ślęczka (Poland)
An Ambiguous Hero: Alexander of Macedon in Old Polish Literature: Selected Aspects (pp. 160-178)


Altay Coşkun (Canada)
The Liberation of Judaea and Early Maccabaean Diplomacy with Rome according to Justin (36.3.9), Diodorus (40.2/4) and Caesar (Jos. Ant. Jud. 14.10.6 [205]) (pp. 181-203)

Andrea F. Gatzke (USA)
Bilingualism and the Monumental Landscape in the Triodos of Ephesos (pp. 204-226)

Eduard Rung (Russia), Aleksandr Sapogov (Russia)
The Aftermath of the Peace of Callias (pp. 227-235)

Jeffrey D. Lerner (USA)
Die Studies of Six Greek Baktrian and Indo-Greek Kings (pp. 236-246)


Joanna Pisulińska (Poland)
History of the Middle and Far East in the Studies of Scholars in Lwów (1918-1939) (pp. 249-277)

Alexander A. Sinitsyn (Russia)
Frolov’s Torch: The Russian Historian of Antiquity is LXXXV (pp. 278-286)


Jeffrey D. Lerner (USA)
Pavel Olegovich Novik, Sardoba Maverannahra (po marshrutnym issledovaniiam) [П.О. Повик, Сардоба Мавераннахра (по маршрутным исследованиям 2015-2017 гг.)], Tashkent: Baktria Press 2017 (pp. 289-290)

Nicholas Victor Sekunda (Poland)
Geoff Lee, Helene Whittaker, Graham Wrightson (eds.), Ancient Warfare: Introducing Current Research, Vol. I, Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2015 (pp. 291-294)

Abbreviations (pp. 295-296)